The Virtual Company aims to provide a wide range of digital solutions supporting companies from diverse industries


VR enhances the shopping experience by allowing customers to virtually explore products, and visualize items in their own physical spaces.

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Marketers use VR for immersive advertising campaigns, product launches, and interactive brand experiences.

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VR allows potential buyers and clients to take virtual tours of properties and architectural designs. It improves visualizing spaces before construction.

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Artists and designers use VR for creating 3D art and designs in a virtual environment. Visualize home decor items in hyperaslitic quality in your spaces.

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The Virtual Company was founded in 2021, four years after its predecessor,VirtualEstate. Its objective is to apply the same immersive technologies to various industries.

The digital revolution is here!

Our mission is to create an interactive and immersive experience for you and your customers.

The company was born to resolve these issues to brace you for your digital advancement:

Only 1% of retailers use AR or VR in their customer shopping experience (MobileMarketer)

52% of executives claim to be unprepared for the next wave of technology, like AI and AR (WBR insights)

99.7% of the world’s population lack basic coding skills essential for morecomplex digital applications (Ladbible)

The Virtual Company presents technological solutions that are simple to apply making it widely available to anyone, using AR weblinks and online VR showrooms with hyperrealistic imagery to engage your customers and allow you to get ready for the technological changes.

We currently have clients in the UK, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and Argentina.

We hope that you join us in the digital revolution.